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Tufts Health Care Institute Legacy Project

After the Tufts Health Care Institute (THCI), ceased operations on March 31, 2016, the Board of Directors established The Tufts Legacy Project to perpetuate the outstanding educational programs developed and delivered to medical residents and others during its twenty-one years in operation.  Rosalie Phillips, the Founding Executive Director, is leading the Legacy Project. As Project Director, I am responsible for coordinating development of a website that will serve as a repository of materials developed over the years and creating a marketing plan to ensure that interested faculty, residents, and others will have easy, free access to these valuable resources.

THCI was founded in 1995 by Tufts Health Plan and Tufts University School of Medicine to help physicians and other health professionals practice comfortably and effectively in a complex and evolving health care system. They strived to fulfill this mission by offering educational resources and programs— in the classroom and online—to medical students, residents, practicing physicians, nurses, pharmacists and others, both within the Tufts community and beyond.

THCI has helped thousands of trainees, practitioners and faculty to incorporate new knowledge and skills, notably in the domains of Systems-based Practice, Quality Improvement, Population-based Care, Professionalism, Evidence-based Practice, and Care Management. In doing so, we developed and offered hundreds of live programs and online learning resources, as well as numerous presentations at national conferences. We have also partnered with many outstanding organizations, including New England Quality Care Alliance, Massachusetts Health Quality Partners, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, International Society for Disease Surveillance, and Screening for Mental Health.